Water strider, AKA (“Also Known As”) water skeeters, water scooters, water bugs, pond skaters, water skippers, Jesus bugs, or water skimmers.  They can “walk on water” because of their wide stance and hydrophobic (water-repelling) hairs on their bodies. The “depressions” that appear around its feet depict how much the surface tension of the water is distorted by the weight of the insect pressing down on that surface tension. (Surface tension happens because water molecules attract one another. There is no water above the surface (that’s why it’s called “the surface”) to counter the downward pull of the water that is below the surface, thus making a sort-of solid surface made of water molecules on which the bugs can walk.)

Category: Insects & Spiders
Tag(s): "Look At Me", Audubon Center Exhibit 2022, Inniswood Exhibit 2023
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